Having a Tantrum


Coupla days feeling a bif ruff and fat and fucking useless really.

Been offered Q Bar Cheltenham now, which means theoretically, we could run two tantrum allnighters and earn a decent wage, might also be some possible Thursday night stuff, which could be very exciting.

just registered to 43things, an online ToDo list, have a look here:


We were dropped from the Alabama 3 dates in Cardiff and Swansea, and no-one would claim responsibility, fucking useless.

We took the gigs off our Myspace and had mail from fans asking where they had disappeared to. i asked Sian what happened and she said we should never have put them on our Myspace in the first place. SHE TOLD ME TO PUT THEM UP THERE TWO FUCKNG WEEKS AGO. freak\,
anyways, she hung up on me twice like a child. then i spoke to Alan Jones, who was really sound, he said he’ll find out for us.

I think it would be a better idea to set up an after party in the bay, and fuck em. useless.

Got my amp back off kath at fucking last, fucking useless.

Zonked out for a few hours and just got up feeling all bloated and grouchy, i need a holiday and some sea and some walking and shit…. very soon i think, maybe after october allnighter i could escape for a coupla weeks and go on a solo mission…

maja says she;s been trying to get me online, but everytime i see her online, she then suddenly goes off line.


want to go away.

gonna have a bath and listen to some music now, need to unwind. everyone’s getting on my tits.


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