Having a Tantrum

and i was furious!!!

Soundman = £880 for one night

Result? The worst sound sicknote have ever had.

With people travelling from across the country to witness the abysmal piece of shit that was our performance.

The sound man needs a fucking kicking. Excuses kept flying at me, but he still took his money for a service he did not provide.


our worst gig to date, and for doghouse’s birthday. He put our spirits on an all time low.

Then the FAT CUNT bouncers decided to lob every1 out cos they wanted to go home, after eating out Breakfasts.

So, we spent the rest of the weekend in Sicknote HQ, recording on P&O’s laptop.

Come up with a very serious sounding track, that is very dark for us, called ‘The Holy Trinity’.

Coming to ourspace very soon

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