Having a Tantrum


i notice ALL the people i know, bar one or two, are in debt. All seem to be ranging from 3k to 20k, or MORE if you include MORTGAGES!!!

the Credit Companies target the poor and needy offering them things they can only dream about. they get you by the bollocks and they wont let go. they plan on gripping onto your nutsack for the rest of your life, to not only keep YOU from living to the fullest and slogging through a life of worry and despair, but to provide THEM with a never ending income through the power of COMPOUND FUCKING INTEREST.

I worked out how these fuckers fuck you in the arse, and it’s all about the minimum payment! so you take your credit card, and just work out how long it will take to pay it off on minimum payments.

HERE’s MINE (18% apr):

£3,500 at minimum payment of 2% per month:


and in that time they would have creamed £7,500 INTEREST FROM ME.


if i was to offer them £70, as a fixed monthly payment:

Then i would have the debt settled in under 8 years.

and this is just one of my debts, about a fifth of what i owe! you can see clearly how they make a killing of the working class. BUNCH OF CUNTS.


What i think is the best way to fight these fuckers is:

1. Work out your APR on each debt
2. Work out your minimum payments on each debt
3. Offer each Debt a FIXED monthly payment (equal or bigger than minimum)
4. Any other moneys you get your hands on throw at debt with largest APR.
5. The quicker you pay these fuckers off, the less of your total life income they will steal from you.


i’m probably not the ideal person to give debt advice, looking at my current financial hell hole. but we got to fight these fuckers, as they are ruining people’s lives.


1 thought on “debt.”

  1. it is orribleand thing is we want to have FUN NOW! so is hard to pay off the chunks of cash while wanting to do everything while we are still ‘young’…And what about speculate to accumulate!?We just need to fuck up the banks computers somehow…Bomb the banks (at night to avoid working class clerk casualties) and free the peasants! yeee hawh!!

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