Having a Tantrum

Promotion Lessons Learned!


1. Agree a Fee in stone with bands. Make sure it’s very clear how much they are getting before the gig.

2. The people you pay to make the night run better, must know that you want them to take over the role, and to not make it more headwork for you. you are paying them to take the worry away from you.

3. Stay away from the door and switch phone off, or you will get 100’s of people blagging their way in.

4. Don’t open a tab – make sure all riders and your drinks are put in the basement before the gig starts.

5. Split the door work in two 3 hour shifts, saves any boredom & less likely for mistakes to happen.

6. Make sure there is a photographer & someone working mailing list at every event.

7. Have someone who greets people with flyers and a smile outside every event, encouraging people to come in – not security, who normally discourage people, because they want an early night.

8. Get a compere, who can say a few words between each band and gives the night a face + explains a bit to people what’s happning.

9. If you lose money on a gig, don’t tell anybody. Keep a positive slant on your nights.

10. Mingle with the crowd as much as poss, and get to know new people.

11. Make sure you blow the punter away. You want him to tell everyone he knows about your event, and to bring all his mates to the next one.

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