Having a Tantrum

Too Much On,

Today at Tantrum Towers!

Uploaded the fucking AMAAAAAAZING ‘Clay Statues‘ Album,
WHAT A CLASSIC! IT’s a beast, and i am fucking proud to have them on Tantrum.
Cant believe two boys can make such a sweet and almighty racket!
Look out for a future tour, some dirty remixes and a new EP coming soon from the boys.

Then DJ Tommy Tank put the finishing touches to his debut, ‘A Load Of Tommy Tank’.
After submitting to Last.FM our Tantrum manager account was suspended as you are not allowed to upload copywrighted material / remixes.
So, we are in discussions with Last.FM to get our manager account back and you’ll have to wait for Tommy’s debut, when we find elsewhere to host it! And its a fucking ellova album, 12 remixes and Mashups… you will love it!

Then, some good news for Cosmo!
65,000 downloads for his collaboration with me, ‘George Bush RIP‘!
It’s gone monumental! Making this Tantrum’s most downloaded song ever!
Also played on Adam Walton‘s show on Radio Wales last night and featured on loadsa blogs and Dandelion Radio loving it too!
With the Fuck Off George Party ready to kick off tomorrow @ The Globe! We scored a loada shoes that we are gonna dish out and let the punters LOB them at a Bush effigee that we have made!!!

Then been working on the PHONE in SICK PARTY for next Sunday… looking fucking good!
Some announcements coming soon on that one!
The Phone in Sick track getting some nice attention with downloads ticking over lovely, and already featured on Hype Machine and in several blogs.

“Sicknote–They make Electric Six sound dignified.”

What else?

I’m suffering from sleep deprivation…

Gunna Bosh a load of sleeping tablets tonight and knock myself out…
If i miss the Bush Party, then its probably for my own good.

Now FUCk OFf and let me sleeeep!!!


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