Having a Tantrum

Free MP3s helping the word spread? 1st results…

So, the fuck off Bush Party was a massive success… the Punters turned up in their hundreds!!!
Thanks to starting promo months in advance.. capitalizing on being the first gig back after chrimbo, and tying the gig in with the vibe of Now… the zeitgeist.
Kunt & The Gang managed to offend half the crowd and it was quite amusing to see a load of anarchists squirming at the guy talk about fingering his bumhole to Countdown. hhahahaha.

Got very pissed, now i lie in bed typing on my laptop with sever hangover///

So, We got our last.fm manager account back after the copyright dispute… and i was interested to see how the stats were for last week since we have made Sicknote’s MP3s free
My theory seems to be correct, albeit early days yet… and here is the results after 10 days…
Here we go… this graph is UNIQUE LISTENERS of sicknote over the last 3 months…

So according to the graph we have constantly had under 20 unique listeners each week for the last three months, until last week when we set them FREE!!! Then we more than tripled our unique listners to over 60!!
it updates every monday, so we’ll keep an eye on it and se if we achieve exponential growth through the power of FREE!
Keep checking back for updates//

Got some more ideas for the label, to think through and chat with Ste about, i’ll update later.
Look out for Little Eris debut album coming next Monday for FREE!!!

oh, and i have confirmed EASYGROOVE for the phone in sick party on sunday!!!

SHWEEE eeet.

speak later

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