Having a Tantrum


THE Winter is biting and the tunes are flowing but….!

What has been goin on?

Well, let’s get to the point… let’s get transparent!

Phone in SICK!!!! massivE!!!
But with the huge PA hire costs and Easygroove and marketing costs we at TANTRUM were left with a Deficit of £400 that i need to find… OUCH!
used RENT money to cover it, but now can’t pay Rent!!! FOR SUCK SAKE!

Been a few offers of help from various people and have some kicking ideas in the bag, pus an offer from Regent Inns on the table, which i will fill you in on soon (could be HUGE).

I have no cash right now, and i’ve just realised i’ve missed my Tax Returns so there another £100 fine!!!

Think i need some lessons in money management… or on how to make enough money to live, or summink!

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