The World’s Best Remixer…

Fake Blood? Soulwax? DFA? Diplo? Keith? Tommy Tank? Flapsandwich? DJ Wool? DFA?

Who is it?

Well it’ a debate that gathered quite some momentum on our twitter recently.
I have given them all a good listen. Of all the suggestions that came in i scoured the web and listened to what was on offer.

Diplo, with his album out last week, ‘Decent Work For Decent Pay: Collected Works: Volume One’, a tad shit i thought. I listened through and struggled to find anything even half likeable. No soul. No bollocks. Nothing. Just bland.

DFA, well, i’ve been a fan for quite some time now… everything they touch just seems to fucking turn to gold. Even if i do think James Murphy is a fat pudding headed miserable fuck. He banned me from his forum a while back because i asked people on the forum to come and check out sicknote. Apparantly that didnt compy with their forum etiquette. Cunts. Aside from that check out the tasty remixes they been churning out over the last few years, especially that Blues Explosion remix!!!!!!!

Soulwax, yeah, you know the score… i mean it does it for the kids.. it’s got all the elements.. and all the messy sounds, throbbing kick drums, and painful screaching synths and cymbals, cowbells, build ups and break downs. Good if you like cocaine, if you are 18 or like to wear fluoro hoodies and plastic shades at night. I like it.

Keith. Italian producer thats been quietly letting them seap out for a while now…His remix of Franz Ferdinand has been picked up by the band to feature on the single release for Ulysses, and i can safely say it is fucking amazing. Definiteley one to watch.

Johan Flapsandwich. Well that’s me init. Im learning. im getting better with each track i do… Give me 6 months and Justice will be begging me for a remix. Watch this space 😉

Tommy Tank. A creative mash up style, has seen Tommy thrown into the spot light recently cutting up classic tracks and offering them back to us in his own, unique and very recognisable form. With his debut album out this week, its a bit of a belter featuring mash-ups of Madonna, The Specials, Ray Charles, The Beat, X-Press 2, Nancy Sinatra, Oi Va Voi and Nouvelle Vague.

DJ Wool. Excellent remixer with his own bouncy as hell style. Recently relocated to Berlin the man is churning out some very nice stuff, especially his recent remix of Tittsworth’s ‘WTF’.

and the winner is…………………..

untouchable. unique. instantly recognisable. Fake Blood AKA DJ Touche has captured a nation with his fucking bangin old school meets electro style.

Please comment.

4 thoughts on “The World’s Best Remixer…”

  1. Touche rocks but….Personally I think Soulwax should be top, nearly 10 years of nailing top quality mixes. the 2 many DJs album brought bootlegging to centre stage and contains some of the most memorable bootlegs ever, Basement Jaxx with Emerson Lake & Palmer and the genius that is Destiny’s Child into Dolly Parton.Disappointed I didn’t make the list!

  2. thanks Rachael for feedback, and …..yes, soulwax are fucking awesome, i particularly love their muse remix…. sorry Mixed Ape that you didnt make it.. maybe next time, nice1 Freedomfortooting for the link up, SAFE!

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