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Do What You Love

Gary Vaynerchuk features on my new Flapsandwich track!

i been werking hard on the debut album, now im fucked and i take a break. i go and throw crusty loaves at duck.
i plan to release the album on 29th February 2009.
it will be called ‘Praise The Lard!’
I hope it will be banging and scare the shit out of Fake Blood.

here is my first finished song from the album?
a little teaser for you. it features the Gary Vaynerchuk from the US of A . he is like an over excited business guru who likes to shout and scream, i like him , so i took his wise werds and they now helped me form the song that is here for FREE:

Flapsandwich vs Vaynerchuk – DO WHAT YOU LOVe

it is a outrage against people who do shit they hate, …and it hurts.

i played it a lot, now i hate it… but it has been picked up by many radio stations already and i only finished it last night.! the power of social netwerking meh! i hope you like this…
it is a big headache unless you take really strong drugs.


1 thought on “Do What You Love”

  1. as requested!There is way too many people in this room right now that are doing stuff they hate,Please stop doing that!There is no reason to do shit you HATE!NONE,promise me you won’t.People listen but they don’t do anything!Do that.DO IT!Do that.I can do that shit.You need to care about everything, and it starts with yourself.Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what do i want to do every day for the rest of my life?Do THAT.Do that.Do that.I can do that shit.Do IT!Do IT!Do IT!People listen but they don’t do anything.DO IT!DO IT!DO IT!DO IT!I became 1% not happy, ONE, and that’s when i changed my life.So many people are talking about, ‘i can’t monetize, i can’t monetize’.There’s a billion 70 year old douchebags that are in control right now.BUT, it’s coming, STOP CRYING and just keep HUSSLING!I promise you can Monetize that shit!DO THAT!DO THAT!DO THAT!You love Alf? Do an Alf Blog.You collect Smurfs? Smurf it up!Whatever you need to do!DO it!DO IT!DO it!DO IT!DO IT!DO IT!-Gary Vaynerchuck

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