Having a Tantrum

Come Together…

There’s nowt better than getting together with a bunch of like minded party heads and letting off some steam…
You know the feeling when you all get together in a field or in a club, and there’s a feeling of excitement in the air.. The night is young and everyone is there…
All the usual faces… and the beers are flowing… and the soundsystem is kicking and the line up is mind-blowing..

BUT!!!! WAIT!!!!!

how often do you we do this ??
More and more people are staying at home these days and usually for one of these reasons, i think:

Smoking ban
Cold weather
Bland music overload
Inflated beer prices
Idiots in town centres
Lack of places catering for underground music
Social networking addiction
Distance to meet with similar people
Work next day

Ive stayed in most of the winter myself, working flat out in the studio and poching about… looking forward to when the sun comes out and we all start to party again…


We’ve been thinking about starting Tantrum allnighters back up, to get everyone together in a festival-in-a-club stylee and kick off a monthly party that’ll regroup us and give us a base for letting off some serious steamage together…

what about the list of shitty excuses up there^ ?
WEll let’s combat them, smoking ban? tough shit! we need to smoke outside! sometimes its nice to have a break from the 20k of bass that’s being pummeled at your head.
Cold Weather? Its getting warmer everyday now!!! Recession? This one i rekon we can combat by getting local companies / organisations to pay for our party in return for branding and promo links with tantrum and therefore make our party a Monthly Free Party!!! Bland Music – not at a Tantrum night! Beer prices, we can work with a venue that is willing to keep all pricing on drinks fair. Social Networking addiction – this could be the perfect place to meet all the people you’ve been poking / stalking for the previous month. Idiots in town centre? we’ll be in a hidden away venue… ?
Ok, just ideas at the mo, but i rekon we can make this work….


coming soon…

i think.

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