so, having an idea don’t mean shit.
executing ideas and following them through means everything.

people steal ideas all the time, do them better or more aggressively than the creator did, and bingo.

you have to get through the dip and ensure you commit to your ideas til the end, before moving on to the next one. Having too many ideas can be dangerous.

4 Comments on “ideas”

  1. Ady HD says:

    I picked up this quote from Albert Einstein earlier…..‘Any intelligent fool can make things bigger,more complex,more violent. It takes genius and courage to move in the opposite direction.’đŸ™‚

  2. Ady HD says:

    Um..does that make sense…….???

  3. Ady HD says:

    Sometimes I have so many ideas in my head…..I dont know what to do with them..I have to share them with people……and if they nick least I know where they came from…….then I can smile and think…..hey..that was me that was…!!!

  4. flapsandwich says:

    hey Ady HD, i rekon that einstein quote is a fucking absolute classic, thanks for sharing that XXXXXXXXXXX

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