I was lying on my bedroom floor in agony……


After a random German twitterer had taken an interest in my health after too many posts about me feeling like shit, i had a awoken to a tweet instructing me to eat some fresh fruit.
I took this on board, and thought with sicknote getting back on the road i’d better sort myself out. So, i juiced a pile of potent vegetables and drunk the raw juice, maybe 2 pints of it. Then 4 hours later….. BOOOOMPH, massive headache, dizzy spells, couldn’t stand up, sickness and fuck me,… i might have to cancel this gig. :/

I figured that to balance out the VITAMIN overload, i need some shit food to counteract the full on rush of vitamins rushing through my body, so i gulped down lots of stodgy dry toast and cheese, and sure enough i was starting to come round….

so a month with no gigs,… we turn up to Glo Bar for one of our rare cardiff dates and there is no Monitors, no mics, no front of house PA, no fuck all.. its a joke….
There’s people travelled from all over the shop to see us, and i’m thinking how the fuck we gunna pull this one off/?

We get on stage and the gig is a fucking disaster, the sound is awful, as the pissed organisers turn random knobs on the desk and then just turn them all up to max. The Filth’s drummin is so bad, that some fucker’s in the audience are shouting “Your Drummer’s Fucking Shit@!!!!”
Then some fucking bird totals her drink all over my laptop table half way through Gimme Dat Harp, i pick up the Laptop as it drips with cider and move it onto a nearby ledge… what a fucking joke….

6 songs in the audience seem to be loving it,… and i cannot work out why, between, whoops and yelps and shouts and filths snare drum fucking ruining me, and dghouse just screaming at the top of his voice, i close the laptop, and put this down to one of the worst gigs in our history….

The audience WHOOOOOP for more,
i get in a taxi and fuck off home to bed, thinking how shit my band are.

Hope we get it right in Manchester tonight.

2 thoughts on “I was lying on my bedroom floor in agony……”

  1. it’s not the science … it’s the craft. 😉yes mate in terms of a performance it was fuck – awful, but there were lots of reasons, not least being no foldback so Rob couldnt hear a thing ! in terms of the faithful gathering, everyone had a top night out, met new friends, made new friends, and showed you the support we have for Sicknote.xxx

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