flapsandwich: WHY?

i have hit another of those times when i question the reason for this stupid fucking blog existing.

this time i am going to try and answer these few questions to finally nail what the fuck i’m doing here:

1. Who is this blog aimed at
2. What am i offering
3. Who else is doing this

maybe this will enable me to focus in on more relevant content and attract a more solid tribe, as my current readers are a bit sporadic and some topics get more interest than others.. or summink…!?

so i’m off to have a think about all this and i’ll update this post in a bit…
meanwhile, any suggestions to help me nail this, please add them below
speak soon

3 Comments on “flapsandwich: WHY?”

  1. Ady HD says:

    As a regular reader and commentator of your Blog Jase, I am not sure it matters why you do it, I just like the fact that you do it. Keep blogging…..:)

  2. flapsandwich says:

    Cheers Ady, means a lot 😉 expect more tales form the sickbag xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. sonofadick says:

    yeah what Ady says.

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