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7 ways to get your band hated in your home town

Do you want to become hated in your home town?

There are ways,…. and here’s how you do it:

1. Make music that sounds like fuck all else and offend all the trendy indie kids
2. Get your manager to randomly attack some bouncers in a gig after 12 pints of bow
3. Get your engineer to pump your volume so loud that people either go crazy or complain
4. Get your dancer to flash his bits and project it on a 20ft screen and 40 other small screens around the venue
5. Dress up as Grim Reapers at a May Day family fete and scare the kids
6. Project a photoshopped image of the venue manger with Tina Turner’s hair morphed on to him
7. Get your band members to tell all the other bands in their sound check that they are shit

This is what Sicknote have done… albeit NONE of it planned….!

This resulted in Sicknote being banned from local venue 10ft Tall without actually ever going there, one minute we were booked to play the support slot for The Orb’s Alex Pattison next minute we were told we were not welcome because of the Freaks and Pill Heads we attract!!!!!! Like the fucking Orb dont!!!!!!

We also offended so many people with the Dr showing off his gnarly wotsit at The Walkabout that we immediatley lost half of our local fanbase, but the event has proven to be our best marketing stunt to date.

Now, I have boooked Cardiff’s newest plush venue, The Globe, for a Tantrum Records bash on April the 4th and have been told that Sicknote are not allowed to play.

Give me a break.

All these beige tank top wearing beards can fuck off home and finger themselves to Fleet Foxes, and stop spoiling our fun!

13 thoughts on “7 ways to get your band hated in your home town”

  1. fleet foxes are boring. full stop. the dr’s wotsit slipped out by accident from his kilt. sicknote do not claim to be talented, but a lot of passion, integrity and THEY MEAN IT and that goes much further. DIY. anyone can do it.

  2. How Rock and Roll of The Globe !!!! I feel cheated !!!!There was I thinking that a new music venue had opened in Cardiff that I could catch innovatative live exciting bands……not nanny state prescribed safe easy listening . What is music without experiments and free spirits and if nothing else …..love them or Marmite them ….Sicknote are that if nothing else!!!The Globe ….SHAME ON U !!!!!!

  3. The Globe and Ten Feet Tall should be left to the tribute / blues / indie bands. The real uprise belongs in squats and fields.

  4. What a bunch of cunts!! I say you stand outside the venue and do an impromptu gig. That’ll teach the fuckers!

  5. hahah believe what you like . why the fuck would i lie to you – think i got better things to do- ya cunt. anyway this blog is to make notes to remember stuff… not for you!!!( if you think im liying), fuck off.

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