Sicknote show stopped again…

so the day had come of Mavis’ 40th and The Tantrum Records bash at The Globe

Sicknote headed down early and spirits were low, after a difficult winter and a series of shit gigs, all skint and struggling.
We sipped on a few free bevvy’s, sucked on a few rollies and played our favourite game ‘You Think You’ve Got It Bad’ – Which involves us taking it in turns to explain how bad our situations / how messed up our lives are.. starting each rant with the afore mentioned ‘you think you’ve got it bad’…

The doors opened and people flooded in…
The Nukes kicked things off with their shouty grungy punk and set the vibe for a mental evening.

The place rammed out pretty early on and by 9pm we were pretty much at capacity…

Next up it was birthday boy Mavis and the lovely Doz, the duo known as Clay Statues, who slaughtered the place with their DFA79 style attack, so much anger, energy, aggression, fun and owning the room… i fucking love it.
During their set, their friend Eggy threw a bog roll at them and was turfed out by a meat head bouncer. Towering at 7’4″, with a demented glint in his eye and all bald except one ginger pube sticking from his shiny scalp, the steroid ridden oaf lobbed poor Eggy on to the street.

As Henrys Funeral Shoe kicked the shit out of the soundsystem and had 100’s of people getting down to their shit kicking blues, we were outside trying to get Eggy back in. I mean… a bog roll?

Eggy: Armed and Dangerous

After half an hour of hundreds of people complaining and us being told we cannot undermine the bouncers i squawked into the managers face “ITS A FUCKING BOG ROLL!!! LET THE FUCKER BACK IN, OR SICKNOTE DONT PLAY AND WE TAKE EVERYONE WITH US”.

within 5 minutes Eggy was back in and Sicknote took to the stage. All a bit nervy, due to most of the gigs this year being shit, and following 3 intense performances from the other acts.

Doghouse announced that no one was allowed on stage except for Eggy and we slammed in with Inbred favourite ‘Gimme Dat Harp!

The place went nuts.

Spot Steve Sub & Dickie Balboa letting off!

We were joined on stage by Madame Boobsock and Auntie Septic, who haven’t made an appearance since Totaal Festival in Holland last summer. Another visitor to the stage was local artist / hornmeister Penny. She invaded the stage during ‘Sermon on the Mount‘, flying inbetween Dr Conker’s legs on her knees with her tits out. The Dr simulated various disgusting sex acts with her and the crowd stopped dancing and looked completely bemused. Why, oh why? We just don’t know. Mavis’ mum nearly fell off the balcony. And the management came over and pulled the plug, exclaiming that the neighbours were outside screaming, and if we played another song it was likely they would lose their license.

People screamed for more, but that was it. The plug was pulled.

drop us a comment below if you were there…

9 thoughts on “Sicknote show stopped again…”

  1. Excellent night all round…….I lost my my brain, my marbles..(actually they were lost a long time ago….), my reasoning and most importantly my wallet….but that may have been at the after carnage party in that seedy little club place on Clifton Street…or um maybe even at the after, after party carnage gathering….dunno where that was…..who knows, and who cares……….anyway it was all finished off beautifully for me with a trip to the park on Sunday afternoon for the most hilarious video shoot ever and then down the job centre to entertain the crowd gathering to see the Prodigy…..SICKNOTE SUCK!!!!!Thanks Guys.

  2. twas a fab night indeed was abso gutted I missed HFS, I remember being back in the venue and in need of nicotine but I refused to go back outside for fear of being not let back in, despite my lengthy spell outside the venue for nearly killing Doz and Mavis with a bog roll, I’d have to go as far as saying I rate this gig as the best tantrum party yet. May there be plentiful more roll on Wonka Vision Saturday

  3. may I just add as well – a big thank you to Flaps (& anyone else) for your intervention on Sat night I owe you a few bevvies for that, much appreciated hopefully see ya Sats, I’ll be overloaded with some premium triple velvet to make sure no one gets killed! Safe as!

  4. Great night …..Tantrum parties are the best…..Loved all the bands…..esp the Sculptures and the legendary SICKNOTE …..I hope u dont do another party at the Globe as I would have to go…and after the way the management acted on Saturday i begrudge giving them a penny piece ever again!!! A note to the Globe management …making your punters feel as if they are an inconvienence tends to piss them off !

  5. I thought it was a cracking night. Clay Statues were awesome as always. Sicknote the best i’d ever seen them.I like the Globe and in fairness they did let Eggy back in. If you think the Globes management are shit you should try working with some of the others :/

  6. This was brilliant party and the bands were amazing.The music was so variedThe nukes with their cool old skool punk with a reggae dubby vibe thrown in to ease the pressure, Clay Statues with their super fresh sounds and energy, Henry’s Funeral Shoe – just fuckin class and the mighty Sicknote everyone’s favourite party band! A great line up.It was a pity it was all over. The bouncers were heavy handed. really early on in the night they were stopping people from getting up on stage. They just didn’t understand the culture of a tantrum night where the lines between audience and band are blurred. It reminds me of something I heard on the Fugazi DVD where they talk about the audience not just being a consumer of the music but a participant. If the audience just stands there hands in pockets gazing at the stage they are just consuming. The bog roll flinging, the Dr Conk and Penny the artist show… these kinds of things, they just show that Tantrum crowds are not just passive drones and should not be treated this way by bouncers. It’s an insult to our intelligence goddamit!Anyway that aside a great night, The Globe is a lovely space to have a party shame about the party poops manager and security.LIGHTEN UP ya big boring bastards – that’s wot i say!!! 😛

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