Sicknote REMIX competition!!!

so the votes are coming in and it seems LITTLE ERIS, MILO FIREWATER and LOVEGADGETSHATEGIZMOS are flying ahead, leaving the others trailing!!!!!

i’ve just listened again and i have to say i think i love them all in different ways! how about you?

here is the link to listen and download all of them…


then vote for your fave in the poll to the right there>>>>>>>>>>>>>

it all ends in 2 weeks, when the remix with the most votes makes it onto the B-Side of the 12″ record.


catch us in swansea tonight – click HERE for more info.


2 Comments on “Sicknote REMIX competition!!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    where’s slamfish???

  2. flapsandwich says:

    hi Anon, Slamfish has never remixed this song!!! but i can add him to the poll if you want to vote for his non-existent remix if you like!!!

    he did remix ‘Phone in Sick’ and it was cracking.


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