Having a Tantrum


Silent Rave…
we pulled in all the local safe promoters, Stevi flew in from a holiday in France and together we pulled off the gig of the year in just over a week…
CLASSIC… Altern8 and Skream slammed it and Tommy Tank stole the show… CLASSIC NIGHT…
broke even and gave Cardiff some much needed excitement…

here is everyone singing along to Skream’s heavy arsed remix of La Roux’s excellent ‘Going in for the Kill’:

Death Before Employment Tees
The T-shirt company fucked up the order, and the printers were late and everything was tits up but after werking my ass off today i got most of the orders in the post… and here’s mine:

the red and the pink ones look wicked too…
go get yours HERE…

all is set for our club to LAUNCH in Manchester this Thursday too… and we have to get up there in the morning to paint the fucking place(!), meet loadsa potential promoters, fit the stage, fit the PA and lights and launch on thursday.. fookinell.
FLAT OUT…! need a fucking break!
here is the official SUB promo image that we are gunna use… it’s from Stanton Warriors live at Sub29 in Cardiff last november:

the votes are in and LITTE ERIS has won!!!
more info to follow on the 12″ vinlyl release.

sicknote’s first ever album. it’s live. it’s messy. it’s banging. it’s retarded.
due out on Friday 1st May 2009…
but i’m painting in fucking Manchester, and 1 million other things.. and after drinking more last weekend than i have don in the last 3 years in total… i am strugglin… so the idea is we get it on sale on Friday… wrap up the artwerk Friday, get the final CD ready, etc etc sort the funding from somewhere… and get the fucker ready to post out rapido…Probably take PRE ORDERS from May 1st and have actual release date as MAY 14th…

and the gigs on the weekend were mental.. i mean MENTAL… i’ll write about those later..


to sum it all up here is a live version of HEADSHOT for you… bout sums it up.

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