The End of the World…


tomorrow i get my break that i been gagging for all year…
i managed to get a cheap flight to Portugal, after the car hire company accidentally paid me my deposit back twice after a sicknote weekend a few weeks back. SAFE!

Just looked at where i’m off and planned a little adventure…

i land in FARO in Portugal and have decided to walk to a town called Sagres, approx 120km… about right for 7 days and considering how fucking fat i am at mo…

my planned journey by foot. (click to enlarge)

a short walk from Sagres is a place called Cape St Vincent.. which was also known as ‘The End Of The World’ until the discovery of the Americas. I plan on getting here and sorting my head out in silence…

Cape St Vincent, The end of the World.

i am also half way through Sicknote instrumental track, which i may call ‘The End Of The World’ or maybe ‘Promontorium Sacrum’ (the end of the world where the waters of the ocean boil at sunset) as it was known by the Romans…

i am in 2 minds on whether to finish this track and stick it out bfore i leave first thing in the morning for my flight… or shall i relax and finish the track when i get home…?

3 Comments on “The End of the World…”

  1. elvis says:

    have a Grovy time dude and relax see you at Glasto next week ::))

  2. little eris says:

    🙂 perfect,

    me loves you


  3. Ady HD says:

    Have A FABBO time Mr Flappy….get away form the madness…..


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