Having a Tantrum

portugal – glastonbury

ok so i got home from a week in portugal yesterday… had a few beers with Steve last night,,, walked around cardiff today and off to Glastonbury Festival tomorrow….Sicknote playing 10pm on Arcadia, Saturday night, next to Alex Metric, Freq Nasty, Evil Nine, Dreadzone and many more….
News on the clubs…. SUB cardiff, manchester and glasgow all GO GO GO !!!!!! we are now running 3 clubs…..in 3 countries. class.

got a pad full of ideas out in portugal……

the main thing i learned by having so much space is that i need to integrate hedonism into my working life. like have a holiday everyday, while working….
I was also visited by Johnny Marr(!) in a dream, really vivd he offered some great advice for me…. and made me realise that time is ticking and i have alot to do…. and that i must stay single, to achieve it,… stop messing people about, and messing my own head up and getting it all wrong…. he made me realise that NOW is the time…. this is my time. amazing trip, far too much to talk about here…. will add more notes soon.


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