Flappy, Just a Thought

DIY 2010

1. buy a beat up old computer
2. acquire a dodgy copy of Reason
3. make some loops
3. get some one who likes to rant down a mic
4. get a drummer
5. do not practise
6. get on stage

Punk’s DIY ethic is alive and well in the city of Cardiff, and it’s catching on around the UK…

in 2005, five misfits came together and decided to take to stage without ever practicing or discussing what they would do.
Johan Flapsandwich kicking out dirty acid breaks and techno loops from his beaten up old laptop; Filth Collins smashing out badly timed live rock drumming that doesn’t suit the show at all and angry arty musings and rants from disheveled front man Doghouse formed the basis of a sound that could be the only true original music of this millennia.
A mute dancer, known as Dr Conker, akin to a ‘ketamine addled Uncle Fester’ or ‘Keith Flint with aids’ provides much entertainment with his blatant mind altering ways and disgusting indecent exposures, whilst VJ – Johnny No Cash supplies a visual show that projects behind the band at every show that is sure to inspire some but offend a great deal more…

Fast forwrd to 2010 and you have a band that are headlining festivals and consistently touring around the UK and Europe, despite never actually sitting down to write a song or get some rehearsals in.
Every show is different and although songs have formed over time, every show brings something new, with special guests randomly appearing at shows, new songs made up on the spot, band members vomiting or collapsing and often half the audience members joining the band on stage. At their annual Phone In Sick Party last year, one female audience member managed to reach full orgasm on the dancefloor, a feat that the band plan to repeat on mass scale at future shows.

Sicknote have brought the DIY ethic back to the forefront of our conscience. With so many over produced bands with no real passion or integrity, the band compare this current time to the beige period before punk shook the world in the mid-late 70s, only Sicknote intend to take the punk ethic to the next level.. encouraging people to download dodgy software and start making a racket for this era.

“You can get a beat up old computer for £30 off ebay and get a copy of Reason off Piratebay and your away…”, Flapsandwich (Sicknote producer)

If people aren’t inspired to let off some steam at the gigs or to make a racket and express themselves in their own way then Sicknote feel they are wasting their time…

Time to rejoice in a real movement of the underground, which has nothing to do with the mainstream? Is this what we have been waiting for? Thousands of people are turning up at shows and rejoicing in their own unique way to the degree not seen since Acid House and previously the Punk movement.

It doesn’t make sense to the masses, but it brings the underbelly of the nation together and offends the mainstream. The music press and record companies are trying to ignore it, but it just keeps growing.. from the bottom up… like every big movement in the history of music… those in control can try and hide it.. but there is no doubt there is no taming this beast.

“We are not a band, we are a movement.”, Doghouse (Sicknote frontman)

– thanks to James McGammon, NMR

2 thoughts on “DIY 2010”

  1. I always come in my pants at Sicknote gigs, whether it’s down to Dr Conker’s sexiness, Johnny’s visuals, Rob’s rhythm, Doghouse’s magnetism or Flappy’s handsomeness, I’m unsure. I prefer to blame it on a carefully brewed combination of all with a nice lound system thrown into boot. The era of the twenty-first century’s mass orgasm is upon us and Sicknote are fronting the road for all us demented audio perverts.

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