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The Failed Radio Show, a Remix Contest and the Zulu Dance

Ninjah's ZULU HIP HOP video is released today!

we got some goodies for you today!!! as always 😉

Met Doghouse yesterday, he and Johnny had just got back from the Birmingham gig on Saturday(!) and he looked like he needed a fortnight’s sleep. we had a coffee at Pipi’s and i decided to not go too full on with the Sick shit. He looked like he couldn’t handle my overbulging passion for what we are about to embark on in 2011. We talked through a few ideas and got excited, need to keep meeting so we all on the same page….

Got home, exported a load of audio parts and yes:
Launched the REMIX COMPETITION!!!! if you fancy the chance of appearing on the b-side to the forthcoming 12″ single, ‘Benefit Cheat’, then go HERE and check the full details!

Spent the rest of the day trying to nail the Sandwich Show‘s 2011 return only for everything to go completely tits up at the last minute, resulting in us pulling the show.
We confirmed a venue to broadcast from, WOW gay bar on Churchill Avenue, Cardiff….only for Tommy Tank to be told on his arrival that Ninjah was banned for life, despite never setting foot in the place!!? with software, and connection problems, coupled with being homeless and over stressed we totally fucked it.

we will be back on the 26th with SICKNOTE live on the show.

Today fucked about re-mixing and re-mastering the latest offering from Tianaman. The final version and video will be up here soon.

And here is a video we banged together just now for Ninjah’s classic ZULU HIP HOP which is available on his amazing second studio album, MASTER KARD (available in our shop from next week).

that’s it for now!!!!

keep having a tantrum and drop us a comment to let us know what you want from this site, we aim to please!

g’night for now


1 thought on “The Failed Radio Show, a Remix Contest and the Zulu Dance”

  1. Hello i see you have a new remix competition. Little Eris won the last comp… the prize was to be on the B side of Death Before Employment vinyl. I was very excited about the prospect f this hence why i did the remix. I won the comp but still no vinyl??? I promoted your band by asking friends and family and fans to vo……te for my remix by directing them to your page etc. You should honour your word and sort this before opening a new remix competition? I currently feel like you used the competition as mere self promotion and by not honouring the prize you are showing that you are exploiting people with the aim of get your music to new audiences by engaging with fans of the remixers. I dont feel this is fair on the people who entered the last one and i feel obliged to warn anyone thinking of entering the new competition. I won … now where is my prize!?

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