Having a Tantrum


after our first big FREE PARTY in 2006 we have been consistently pushing to spread good underground REAL music and put on FAT parties for the tribe!!!

TANTRUM brought you the Blowout Festival, Summer Sundaze, Coal Ex Closing Party, Tantrum in the Park, Free4all, Big Toe’s Leaving Party, Get Well Soon Party, Tantrum Allnighter, Only 1 Free Party, The Crystal Ship, Mi Casa, Paranoid, Live Wire, Moist, Tune Tunnel and many other parties over the years… ..

TANTRUM have also looked after The Physicists, Ninjah, CTRL Freq, DumBass, Clay Statues, Sicknote, DJ Tommy Tank, Pork Pie Rabbis, Flapsandwich, Tianaman, Foggerton, Botoxx, Whistling Biscuits and the popular Remix Lab.

Is there a NEED for TANTRUM?

yes….. the charts is full of non-descript music that no-one knows. the masses have sad and varied music collections based what is pushed out there…. squeaky clean soulless ‘eclectic’ music delivered straight to their ipod by slick corporate marketing……

Tantrum is REAL. Everyone feels like they are involved in the early stages of a MOVEMENT… that although is small…. the power is undeniable…. its a secret, it’s ours, it’s got it’s roots based in punk but with all the euphoria of the rave scene…… this is our SECRET.

people LOVE the sense of belonging that TANTRUM is providing… the friendliness, the TRIBE feel…. the community… the world wide web of freaks are uniting…. HERE. and we are ALL sharing increbile and mind blowing music with the message we all been waiting to hear::::


and CELEBRATE this short time we have on this planet instead of conforming to the possible stresses and bullshit that is forced upon us when we play the game that is set out b4 us,… FuCK THAT… we are talking rejoicing in the molecules we have been gifted with..





we, the FREAKs need this connection now MORE THAN EVER in a impersonal and crowded world where we lose our identity through too much choice…. here is the answer.

we is going one way and we aint coming back.

join us tonight in CARDIFF for our 5th BIRTHDAY PARTY

6 thoughts on “HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY TO US!!!”

  1. Happy 5th anniversary Tantrum Records.
    Well done in reaching this milestone in very uncertain times for a record label.
    Have a great party tonight – and I’ll see some of you party monsters – week Saturday at Abeeraeron. 🙂

  2. Hey Happy Spanking Birthday Tantrum ❤!!
    Thanks for giving us a chance to share tunes with the tribes a while back!! It was just pure fun!
    Yes, the world of music has gone “titpit” in many ways! So big up to Tantrum for bringing us so generously cheeky bouncing tunes at all time!!
    Lets shake our but to infinity and beyooooond 😉

  3. wow guys..,.have never laughed so much in my life, never felt so alive, so free and so part of a tribe before..you guys are so much more than a band-you’re a movement, a cultural revolution..YOU ARE THE CHANGE WE ALL WISH TO SEE, AND BE..you remind us all, that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for..and YOU GUYS FUCKIN ROCK MAN…you remind us all that we aint the only nutters in the village,there’s a tribe of us out there, and we’re growing..the chickens are mobilising…a tribe loved up on life via the medium of the SICKNOTE VIBE..ONE LOVE, ONE TRIBE..thanks guys for the most awesome weekend of my life..honoured to be part of it man, thanks so much..love you guys- you’ve changed my world..xx

  4. Tantrum is a big scam based on US marketing strategies fueled by a megalomaniac pervert , elements of the label are worthy but the label has only helped Jason Phillips’ own acts, his friends/sicknote cronies/slaves/bumlickers/housemates and girlfriends’ acts plus gullible acts he thinks will draw attention to him and his project. Hopefully time will reveal the piglet at the centre of this for what he is however I fear most sheeple will never see. Everyone wants to belong and be part of a tribe and the label plays on this. It plays on the vulnerable and the elderly in the guise of helping to bring them to life however little do these people know that they are just fueling an ever hungry ego. Unlike proper old skool tribes who lived on the road with each other as families, the leader of this tribe is only too happy to shut himself off in his room and not connect with people other than via the medium of facebook. The label’s mass marketing strategy succeeded mainly from Phillips creating tens of fake profiles of various demographics (male, female, young , old) on facebook and sending fanpage suggestions to thousands of people. This led to the band gaining a heavy online presence. Using this ‘fake it til you make it’ strategy seems to be working so far but I believe the cracks are definitely appearing. Look beyond the hype and you will see the music is weak, the attitude bad, the message unclear and the vibe is dated. The only good things is about Tantrum is it’s a suggestion of how good things really could be… hopefully there will be a few healthy offshoots from the rot which is at the core.

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