Having a Tantrum, New Music


there’s a brand new collaboration from Sicknote and My Bad Sister, of which 100 free downloads were offered, but these flew out in a few minutes!!! We have decided to offer another 50 just due to overwhelming popular demand, EXCLUSIVE to this website (just click ME quickly!) It will be availble again very soon as part of a new Sicknote release… (with video from our twisted resident movie man, Norris Nuvo, on it’s way after the weekend). You can hear the song here, please leave a comment and let us know what you think…

also The Tantrum Remix Lab Vol 3 is coming to a close with only TWO more tracks due, which will complete the trilogy. When this happens we will release the Remix Lab Tees and triple CD packs!!! The tenth tune in vol 3 was released yesterday, download by clicking ME, or check it out here:



coming VERY soon!!! COVERT SUBVERT volume 2 – a tantrum records sampler… a CD packed full of the most exciting underground sounds of 2011….keep it locked.

thanks for all the feedback, support and input in helping us spread the tantrum vibe.


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