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Facebook Made Me GAY (remix competition)

we have decided to let rip a little competition on the latest Norris Nuvo creation….

We are looking for FACEBOOK MADE ME GAY remixes…. here is the vocal download….
it’s up to you what you do with it> but the best remixes we hear will get them a release through Tantrum Records and an original Norris Nuvo painting, a sicknote vinyl pack and some other shit.

please send your finished remixes HERE and Norris will chose the winner on November 1st 2011.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Made Me GAY (remix competition)”

  1. absolutely awesome…well said…:)
    would love to put some tuneage to this…:)
    reminds me of PorkPie Rabbi’s a bit…
    nice work NOrris..:)
    hard core you know da score..:)

  2. Norris does it again, pure genius! Trying to find an instrumental dubstep track to put this too! Would definitely warp a few minds!! 19 days till Calstock! It’s gonna be a messy weekend!! Pirates, punx & peace!!

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