The Play It Forward Experiment [clusterfuck]






So we released the album in December on pay what you want. The average price paid for each download was £9. The lowest was 1p and the highest £42.Thanks to everyone who has donated to the pot, we hope you enjoyed it! We are now experimenting with our new idea ‘PLAY IT FORWARD’.

Here is how it works.


Donate anything from 1p – £1million. Just chuck us a few quid……


YOU WILL GET: DOWNLOAD of the album will be with you within 24 hours.

You will also receive a package in the post in the next few weeks which will include:

  • the Album on CD for you (in flat packed cover with plastic sleeve)
  • 2 hand burned CDs to give away to your friends
  • 2 album download codes to give away to friends

the idea is that our fans – YOU LOT! not many of you so far, we are giving you several copies of the album in the hope you will spread it amongst your friends.  We are trusting you to pay enough that we cover our costs of CD replication and Postage, and each of you will then be armed with in total 6 copies of the album in various formats to share !

As we said, it’s an experiment, and if you have donated already… NO NEED TO DONATE again! we will get a package in the post to you in the next few weeks, with your hard copy 😉

If you havent donated, click the link below, donate something to us, and await your goodies!!

This is the PLAY IT FORWARD EXPERIMENT.. our goal is not to make money but to get heard.

any feedback welcomed, will update more info very soon…..


new video here:



14 Comments on “The Play It Forward Experiment [clusterfuck]”

  1. […] Then we thought ‘fuck it that was fun, lets make an album’. So we started jamming and meeting weekly and making a racket. A lot of the shit we were making was angry. But we wanted to let a range of our emotions come through and we didn’t want it to be all us shouting and screaming. We decided to do a couple of covers. Something, until then, i was dead against. But, we were loving an old obscure rockabilly artist called Benny Joy and decided to cover a few of his songs. One of which we used the old GROW A PAIR track for……. (a song about suicide, the eerie ‘Dark Angel’, track 2 on the album). […]

  2. Don Panic says:

    Hmm, strange. Your experiment must be working or doing something. I can’t afford to offer much, and certainly not enough to cover the costs of 1 CD, 2 hand burns plus postage, not to mention the 2 digis. I thought of paying a small amount, but then I felt like a freeloading cheapskate. End result, I’m letting this one go >:O

  3. Alexander Kennedy says:

    Chipped in twice now – both shamefully small amounts, but I aim to keep donating what I can and when I can. I’ve been raving about Clusterfuck since coming across ( not literally) ‘Music like Dirt’.
    I really hope I’m not too late to the party and can get hold of the full Dear Mortal album to stick on the wireless music box at home/work/etc.

    • Flapsandwich says:

      thank you ! bear with us, we are just back from an extended holiday and will get your goodies to you pronto!!!!

      • Alexander Kennedy says:

        Thank you, and welcome back *throws more money in the cap*

      • Alexander Kennedy says:

        Received my shiny round audio devices today. Pardon my french, but you people are fucking awesome. So awesome in fact, that I had to go digging through my emails to find a link so I could comment.
        Thank you.
        Fuck on, you cluster of dirty diamonds.

  4. Sydney Isaac says:

    Hey I chipped in on Saturday 18th (after seeing you guys live, awesome gig!!) but haven’t received the downloads yet

  5. Dunia Sinclair Julio says:

    Hey can u send me a download pls. I’ve chipped in … and really wanting to hear this album!

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