So, the album’s landed and here’s the first video, including the cops busting us, on the magic roundabout in Splott (warning contains footage of a stray dildo on the loose):

to own the full album ‘Fuckbuddies’, which includes ON THE GOULASH, and NINE other techno folk tunes (all the rest are in English)… donate anything from 1p to £1million (go on) and you will receive a download of the album in your email TODAY!

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heres the new single CHEAP BACCY:


newest addition to the flapsandwich re-rubs… check out the brand new video for the Girobabies REMIX here

totally free download again!! we too good to you.. click me.

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big shout out to all the Glasgow crew and big up to DJ Tommy Tank who helped out with the mixing and mastering of this tune. legend.

catch you soon with some shit hot new releases coming your way NEXT WEEK!

and details on the MASSIVE phone in sick party 2012 in cardiff…

keep it locked.


here is The amazing Charlatans with their classic song Bad Days with a new euphoric edge… banging.. check out the video here:

download free here:

brand new sicknote single. pay whatever you like.

brand new single from Sicknote released today! check it out here:

you can own a fat mp3 of this song now by paying whatever the hell you like for it!

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our resident sick visual artist has put together a pretty twisted delight for your pleasure!!! drop us a comment and let us know what you think! Cheers.

Happy Fathers Day

Today is Snapped Up Market in Canton from Midday…. come along… bring ya dad…. loads of Tantrum Records goodies discounted and brand new products for sale!!! More info HERE.


happy fathers day

Tantrum TV (april 2011)

we are now averaging more than 4000 views a week on the TV channel…this week the top of the flops are:

1. Sicknote – Benefit Cheat

2. Ninjah – Voice of the Nation

3. Gingers Have Souls (Flapsandwich Re-Rub)

4. Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen (Leftfield Remix)

5. Ninjah – Gaddafi, Calm Down

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