7 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Safe! Fair play, this is a crazy inspirational site, I fuckin’ love it!

    …How can I get tickets for the Phone In Sick shindig on the 5th? I missed like th last 3 of em so it would be sweet to catch it this time! =P

    Sound as a (pre-recession) pound!

  2. Hello!

    Allow to address to you concerning cooperation in music sphere.

    I`m a young promising Russian composer.

    It is possible to hear to my works here

    In very short time, i collect many views on MySpace and have good responses and estimations.

    If, of course, you listen to the musicians which works are placed on the Internet, instead of from the compact discs sent to you. But, you see, presently social networks it is much more convenient.

    I ask to give me some minutes of your attention – maybe, I will interest you.

    In advance it is very grateful!

    Yours faithfully and best regards, Michael Grigoriev.

    1. hello Mikhail,

      had a good listen, i’m not sure your style fits in with the Tantrum style as we keep it all a bit dancey and banging..

      but thanks for the message anyway, and good luck


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