DJ Mixes


all our dj mixes are vetted to make sure they will keep a dancefloor bumping and simultaneously help your brain melt……..
all our dj mixes are free.
help yourself.

19 Comments on “DJ Mixes”

  1. JUSTICE PEACE says:

    You realise, it makes sense!

  2. Dr Nitrogen says:

    Great mixes – Pickle/Prof Gerald – most awesome set 😉

  3. Flapsandwich says:

    wicked as fuck mixes here and lots more on the way. !! x

  4. SB says:

    Hey – where’d all the other mixes go? Really missing Pickle etc! can you re-upload?

    • Flapsandwich says:

      hey SB!! yeh sorry bout this we have a slight technical difficulty here at Tantrum HQ at mo… which has made all of our Archive disappear except the last 20 uploads… bare with us and all will be resumed before 5pm tomorrow (Monday). Thanks.

      • SB says:

        Flappy – much appreciated. Love yer new mix. Come up and play in North Wales sometime?

  5. Steven Gyomrey says:

    am loving these mixes

  6. Steven Gyomrey says:

    halfway thru set 4 and still a winner… what to expect next : )

  7. Anonymous says:

    fuck Pete Tong… this far more connected

  8. hyperspacial says:

    Ding Dong

  9. […] or check out all the TANTRUM DJ MIXES here. […]

  10. rocking my front room on sunday evening. nothing better. great mixes

  11. matt says:

    Again, thanks.

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