Sicknote Remix Competition

then winner will feature on the b-side of the vinyl release

fancy ya chances at remixing ‘BENEFIT CHEAT’… the banging new tune from Sicknote…. have a listen here:

We are looking for you to take it to twisted new places, get experiMENTAL, shock our brains til they cry… use whatever sounds or samples you want, or scream over it, or don’t use any sicknote sounds if you don’t want to, or pitch up doghouse 4 octaves and add an orchestra, or WHATEVER… basically there are NO RULES!!!!

When we have listened to them all we will chose our favourite and the winner will appear on the B-Side of the BENEFIT CHEAT 12″ vinyl release scheduled for early Spring and secure a place on the TANTRUM REMIX LAB vol 3…..
WE’ll also bung you loads of goodies and promote the shit out of all you do, we might even drag you along to a Sicknote gig and let you spin some tunes in the warm up set.

Anyways, get twiddling, and make it ORIGINAL….

and good luck.

here are all the seperate parts you need (138bpm) for you to create your own remix:


SUBMIT YOUR REMIX HERE (click me) only remixes sent here will be included

and remember the deadline is February 14th 2011.
Sicknote – BENEFIT CHEAT remixes

15 thoughts on “Sicknote Remix Competition”

  1. Hello i see you have a new remix competition. Little Eris won the last comp… the prize was to be on the B side of Death Before Employment vinyl. I was very excited about the prospect f this hence why i did the remix. I won the comp but still no vinyl??? I promoted your band by asking friends and family and fans to vo……te for my remix by directing them to your page etc. You should honour your word and sort this before opening a new remix competition? I currently feel like you used the competition as mere self promotion and by not honouring the prize you are showing that you are exploiting people with the aim of get your music to new audiences by engaging with fans of the remixers. I dont feel this is fair on the people who entered the last one and i feel obliged to warn anyone thinking of entering the new competition. I won … now where is my prize!?

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