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Cardiff’s Homelessness Christmas Charity Single

Cosmo, Flapsandwich and friends have got together again, with Ninjah in the director’s chair, to produce a Christmas smash like no other!

After the success of their last two singles. On the Goulash filmed on the Magic roundabout was the most read story on Wales on line for a week, and their follow up Cheap Baccy filmed on Splott’s Clifton Street racked up 100,000 views. This time, on a more sombre note, their new single is a take on Jona Lewie‘s classic Christmas number one ‘Stop The Cavalry’. They change the chorus to Stop Austerity and highlighted what seems to be the worst winter in recent history for rough sleepers.

get the single for pay-what -you-like with 100% of all money raised going to the charity:



“I live in St MAry st, and when I go out in the morning almost every single doorway is occupied with rough sleepers, it’s off the scale.,” said Flapsandwich.

“This cover version is a bit of fun, but we are highlighting a very serious problem in Cardiff and the Uk over,” said Cosmo.

The single follows from news of police taking rough sleepers sleeping bags, and news of deaths of young homeless people. The single is released on Tantrumrecords.net on Saturday, it’s pay what you like and all of the money raised will go direct to homeless charity BOOMERANG. Amazing charity, follow the link and read up n all the work they do.

HERE IT IS!!! let us know ya thoughts and please SPREAD IT SHARE IT and help us raise the Wonga!

share it on facebook video:

donate anything you like, we are trying to raise a wedge for Boomerang.. who are active in feeding the homeless daily in Cardiff City… please chip in anything you can. All donations over £5 will also recieve a copy of the Bingo Wings album download. give anything. merry christmas.. the song will be in your inbox the same day you donate… THANKS. if you havent already please click to donate:


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So, the album’s landed and here’s the first video, including the cops busting us, on the magic roundabout in Splott (warning contains footage of a stray dildo on the loose):

to own the full album ‘Fuckbuddies’, which includes ON THE GOULASH, and NINE other techno folk tunes (all the rest are in English)… donate anything from 1p to £1million (go on) and you will receive a download of the album in your email TODAY!

thank you…. click:



heres the new single CHEAP BACCY:


sicknote kicked out onto the street..

so it was the big day,

i had my new seth godin DVD package for my birthday from Bronster and i was feeling pretty good.

I tested my laptop and even though its been battered this summer and i thought i totalled it last week with the wine incident it was now working…. albeit with an external mouse and keybord… poor machine, abused.

so Sockman offered me a lift up in his BM which meant that i could skip out on the monster journey in the back of dickies leaking freezing sickmobile.

After a fat line we sped up the m5 and arrived at The Buttermarket and squeezed in a 30 second soundcheck before doors opened.

Backstage Doghouse presented me with a excellent hand made card and a Bonzo Dog Band box set… Russell Crow thrust a litre of Brandy into my hand, even though i was over half way thru one already…

Puffcake entered the room with a collection of minicakes and candles on a foil plate and i blew and wished for stuff im not allowed to say or it wont cum true.

I took one small butterfly cake as the rest fell to the floor in a minging pile., which i then picked up and pelted at P&O.

Russell scored some twat-powder and racked out a fat line…. The security entered just at the wrong time and flung him out on to the street.

We managed to encourage the security to let hiim back in saying he was singing on stage in 10 mins…\
we entered stage left… off my facce and bulging./

the gig went off and Russell rapped on one of the tracks… straight after the show he was turfed out agin by the meat heads.

we got back in the car and headed for cardiff while the rest of the band hung out with the Wrexham posse.

Back at Sockmans we sniffed and chugged and gulped til the next morning – watching shape shifting videos on youtube , got a bit of kip arched over in a tiny ball on the sofa and got a taxi back about 11am head cracked and brain soggy. happy birthday flapsandwich you old bastard!!!!!!

sunday i rested and pushed out the Howard Marks show,,,,,
which is tonight!!! see you there.