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so, while chilling with ‘egg for breakfast’ over christmas, he dedicated the massive Phat Planet by Leftfield to me live on his show on Dapper FM.
Chuffed i was, so i offered to do a re-rub exclusively for his show…
tonight it’s AIRED after 8pm!!! so TUNE THE FUCK IN!!!!!

after he’s dropped it a link will appear here for 100 people to donwload it::::

Flappy vs Leftfield – Obese Planet [100 Free Downloads] by FLAPSANDWICH


it’s been a great day here at Tantrum HQ, i woke up after a late one last night of producing some of the fattest tunes yet to be known by humankind!!!!
i set up my chunky Yamaha speakers either side of my bed yesterday afternoon and spent 12 hours smashin the shit out of them from the comfort of me bed. heaven.
Leftfield’s re-rub was born as was a new Sicknote tune (working title – ‘Who Put The Lie In Belief’)….

i got a few hours kip then was woken by my flat mate slamming the fuck out of the doors, usual drill.

I put some touches to the tune and then headed off down Cardiff Bay to meet Steve Sub. We popped in Bar Salt and had Eggs Benedict and a coffee and chatted about plans for 2011 in Sub and Tantrum world… We got a bit excited about a few possible common goals, most notably a new Cardiff venue…. (WATCH THIS SPACE)

i then headed off down MUSIC BOX rehearsal rooms, not realising quite how fucking far it was. I got totally drenched on my hike and arrived pretty late, but still before Doghouse and The Filth.

We set up and blasted the fuck out of ‘Benefit Cheat‘, just to nail the drum sections and vocal chants. Then we jammed on the new one… i asked Dog to spit about his head state concerning his personal problems and to get evil about what he hates.
Fucking Banging. this new tune is my favourite Sicknote tune at the mo, and is much more dark and serious than anything we have ever done… buzzing i was. Hairs standing up and just excited to drop the fucker tomorrow night live at Celebrate Your Wrong Bits in Birmingham!!!! WOOOP!

we headed to Dog’s, ordered a Sicknote drum skin cover for Filth.

Who was sat there? Dr Conker! looking fucking gorgeous. He is back from the other dimension and we are talking of his return. Fat plan’s are afoot.
The reverend and the Flake turned up with some sick goods for tomorrow’s gig.

I ran home met Johnny for a cuppa tea, mastered Phat Planet, sent it to the Egg and now i’m having a well deserved break.

Don’t forget tune in to Eggy’s Show at 8pm tonight on DAPPER FM.

safe. sorry about the rant.. just thought i’s share my excitement with ya’ll

ciao for now brown cow



have you ever handled a severed head????????

so the day had arrived…
it was time to design the EPIDEMIC album cover….

we came up with the name about 6 months ago, and now with the swine flu scare we decided we would go with a pig theme…

so i went to the smelly market and checked out the various butcher’s stores… groce.

i spotted many pig heads, most with the eyes closed…
then at one store there was one face down in the fridge… so i asked if i could see it’s face…
the chubby red faced butcher laughed..
i explained that the pig was going to be a model for a photoshoot for my band and he span the pig head throught the air and presented it’s face to me. it smiled. and had it’s eyes wide open.

i said, thats the one and aked how much. a measly £3. bargain. i aked him to triple bag it as i was genuinely scared by the thing. and found myslef shaking at the prospect of handling it. he launched it into a large see through bag, as it bounced off his slaughtering table, then slotted it into two carrier bags, and presented me with the handles. i handed over the £3 and gripping the handles of the carrier bag made my way across town…

i tried to ignore the fact i was carrying a pig’s head and thought about nice things until i finally arrived at our designer’s house where doghouse also awaited.

Paul managed to get some surgical gloves and doghouse snapped them on and starrted to unpack the thing.
it rolled and squidged and finally it was out.. we screamed, and wheazed and ran from it and all of us looked a little faint.

We decided to name the pig Henrietta…
doghouse winced as he tried to pick her up and his fingers sunk into her squidgy face… the pig looked at us disapprovingly as we finally managed to place her on a deck chair… Paul snapping away various angles but the setting wasnt right.. a fly landed in the nostril and laid a few eggs and i was feeling faint….i said we should throw it in the gutter, so its out of context and on a more contrasting background.

doghouse ran through the house holding Henrietta by the ears and lobber her in the gutter…..
Paul lent into the curb and began snapping, Paul’s oap neighour appeared at her front door and looked upon the scene and exclaimed ‘What on Earht are you doing!!?!?!?!?”

she squawked and dissed us and told paul he was the worst neighbour in the world and screamed to her husband that we had a severed pigs head on her doorstep…i asked her if she would like to lay in shot, and she screwed her face up before slamming the front door…. we clicked away got a few different snaps including some of doghouse holding Henrieeta in his face and also a rather distubing one of him dribbling next to her.

We wrapped up the photoshoot and doghouse bagged up the now extra sqelchy fly-egg ridden Henrietta.

Paul said you must dispose of her.. i dont want her here.

We hopped in a taxi and paid P&O a visit. I had to pick up some CDs so that was the perfect excuse.
Shortly after we arrived there was a knock on the door and an Iceland delivery driver began to bring in P&O’s monthly shopping order. P&O helped him drop several carrier bags of groceries in the kitchen and we smuggled our carrier bag amongst the goods.
“See you later mate” we said as we shuffled off down the street.

One hour later P&O phoned, calling me cunt. “what the fuck am i sposed to do with that”
“Henrietta is her name. have fun!” i burped as i hung up on him, LMFAO.

Later that evening,
P&O’s misses, Emma Royd, was away for the evening, and he had some friends over after Netty’s shop.
Emma had decided to come home early for some reason that evening. As she slotted her key in the front door and pushed it open she was greeted with a sight for sore eyes.
Lionel was covered in his own piss on the sofa, P&O cuddled up with 2 fat birds on the other sofa, all of Emma’s wine open and finished, mess everywhere… and yes, you guessed it, Henrietta on the kitchen table looking almost as pale as P&O.

Emma flipped out, dumped P&O on the spot and threw all the casualities out of her house, squawking “And take your fucking pig’s head with you!”

P&O is now homeless…

see the artwork / order the album here.


Suck My Scrote!

So Gee come round and i was up to my bollocks in sorting stuff out for Tantrum etc.
WE headed down to Barfly and the posse slowly arrived.
First band got on, really quite enjoyed them,…i think they were Loci, dark, sweet, ruff, hard. loved it.
Then Mondays Headline offered their Stereophoncs wannabee drivvel, found it hard to like anything about them.
3rd up was Calansho screamin at us for 49 mins, bit like, um indie squawking for the industry… “please sign me and i’ll squawk to fit in and i’ll be your bitch” stylee.. not my thing… i think they could be good, mind you, if only they were more honest with themselves and stopped trying…..?? harsh?? im not trying to be, but its how i feel.

So the redstripe was handed out and the band started getting smashed. Doghouse, fresh back from Holland was on top form and sporting a 10″ Sicknotesuck PEG, a gift from Flakey as Fuck.

The Filth was tanked up and decided to let P&O jump on his back, he leapt out of the front door and started to spin as fast as he could – like a fucking Tazmanian Devil with P&O stuck to his back, with his greasy eel arms flailing behind him. As the filth stopped he fell into the corner of a wall, both of the retards WHACKED their head hard as fuck and were lying on the floor and sqeeling as Ohno Yoko arrived in disbelief at the state of us all.

The Filth got up and rubbed his head and held his hand out to show his fringe, laughing his cock off…The wind picked up and his fringe floated off down Castle street. P&O’s head was pissing with blood and i was in fucking tears.

We got on stage and smashed the fuck out of it… the place was buzzzing… and jumping , and we were on form and excited as Fuck to be back playing live….

Finishing with ‘Pikey DrumnBass’ the place went nuts…

As we left stage, a gaggle of slappers were asking for autographs.. and Russell thursted forwarded exposing a tit and handed Filthy a pen screaming “Filthy Filthy Will you sign me tit?”, He scrawled his name on Russell’s tit and we headed out for a fag.

The Red Stripe girls hoarded the band into a little pissy room to record an interview for the red stripe website… we were hammered.

They got the video camera out and we all squeezed on a sofa..
Asking us serious questions, they got a flurry of complete bollocks back! Influences? Bobby Davro, Mika, fuckign ridic,… Doghouse then decided to punch P&O in the lump he acquired earlier which then started pissing blood all down his face, the girls looked in shock.

After another 20 minutes off talking shit and claiming Sicknote to be the best band of the 21st century….

and the other girl got a camera out for a photo of the band asking Conker to get in the middle of us all… he pounced backwards onto us all, lifted his kilt and exposed his warty minging scrote to the camera, and the RedStripe girls looked like they were about to pass out!

Ive never laughed so much in my life…!

The door man said to Doghouse on the way out… “There’s 5 of you in the band, but your guestlist has had more than 10 in.”

To which Doghouse replied-

“We are not a band, we are a movement.”