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So, the album’s landed and here’s the first video, including the cops busting us, on the magic roundabout in Splott (warning contains footage of a stray dildo on the loose):

to own the full album ‘Fuckbuddies’, which includes ON THE GOULASH, and NINE other techno folk tunes (all the rest are in English)… donate anything from 1p to £1million (go on) and you will receive a download of the album in your email TODAY!

thank you…. click:



heres the new single CHEAP BACCY:

Having a Tantrum

how are you feeling? got the winter blues? fear not…

Tantrum Records presents…

(Saturday January 21st)


last gig til the summer



and VERY special guests tba.

DR Conker will also be there signing sicknotes again to get you some time off



full details announced this weekend.
also featuring Circus Funksters

an ORIGINAL one off NORRIS NUVO painting and SICK BAG for the most outrageous outfit worn
(theme : ILLNESS)

(with 31 hour after party to ensure you are SICK enough to phone in sick for Blue Monday) -featuring the sick djs (doghouse & no-cash)

catch you there

venue announced this weekend.

and here is details of blue monday.
here is the facebook event of our party!

come join the fun and brighten up this miserable time 🙂

Having a Tantrum, New Music


so, while chilling with ‘egg for breakfast’ over christmas, he dedicated the massive Phat Planet by Leftfield to me live on his show on Dapper FM.
Chuffed i was, so i offered to do a re-rub exclusively for his show…
tonight it’s AIRED after 8pm!!! so TUNE THE FUCK IN!!!!!

after he’s dropped it a link will appear here for 100 people to donwload it::::

Flappy vs Leftfield – Obese Planet [100 Free Downloads] by FLAPSANDWICH


it’s been a great day here at Tantrum HQ, i woke up after a late one last night of producing some of the fattest tunes yet to be known by humankind!!!!
i set up my chunky Yamaha speakers either side of my bed yesterday afternoon and spent 12 hours smashin the shit out of them from the comfort of me bed. heaven.
Leftfield’s re-rub was born as was a new Sicknote tune (working title – ‘Who Put The Lie In Belief’)….

i got a few hours kip then was woken by my flat mate slamming the fuck out of the doors, usual drill.

I put some touches to the tune and then headed off down Cardiff Bay to meet Steve Sub. We popped in Bar Salt and had Eggs Benedict and a coffee and chatted about plans for 2011 in Sub and Tantrum world… We got a bit excited about a few possible common goals, most notably a new Cardiff venue…. (WATCH THIS SPACE)

i then headed off down MUSIC BOX rehearsal rooms, not realising quite how fucking far it was. I got totally drenched on my hike and arrived pretty late, but still before Doghouse and The Filth.

We set up and blasted the fuck out of ‘Benefit Cheat‘, just to nail the drum sections and vocal chants. Then we jammed on the new one… i asked Dog to spit about his head state concerning his personal problems and to get evil about what he hates.
Fucking Banging. this new tune is my favourite Sicknote tune at the mo, and is much more dark and serious than anything we have ever done… buzzing i was. Hairs standing up and just excited to drop the fucker tomorrow night live at Celebrate Your Wrong Bits in Birmingham!!!! WOOOP!

we headed to Dog’s, ordered a Sicknote drum skin cover for Filth.

Who was sat there? Dr Conker! looking fucking gorgeous. He is back from the other dimension and we are talking of his return. Fat plan’s are afoot.
The reverend and the Flake turned up with some sick goods for tomorrow’s gig.

I ran home met Johnny for a cuppa tea, mastered Phat Planet, sent it to the Egg and now i’m having a well deserved break.

Don’t forget tune in to Eggy’s Show at 8pm tonight on DAPPER FM.

safe. sorry about the rant.. just thought i’s share my excitement with ya’ll

ciao for now brown cow

New Music

The TANTRUM Records Archive…

OK, so I have started uploading the archive to our brand new TANTRUM RECORDS soundcloud account today and you can find various albums in the tabs at the top there ^ nice.
A lot of it is free download, or if not we have added ‘buy’ links so you can purchase the music and support the artists.
So far we have Foggerton, Sicknote, The Remix Lab volumes 1-3 and the first label compilation we released a while back called Covert Subvert which includes Cakehole Presley, Ninjah, The Physicists, Little Eris, Whistling Biscuits and loads more .

It’s all coming together, as soon as the entire archives are uplaoded and live we will be looking at Covert Subvert vol 2 and completing volume three of the remix lab….

in the meantime if you would like to send us music for us to check out,
we listen to everything:

Send us your sounds

Speak soon.

Having a Tantrum

Hello Party Heads

Well hello. Welcome to the new space for all things TANTRUM!!!!

we got a massive 2011 lined up – so keep checking back here for daily updates of what is going on.

We plan to have a super exciting year pulling together all the things we think are exciting about the music world right now.

If you would like to get involved then drop us a line



and speak soon.